Saybrook Naperville IL (Neighborhood Guide)

Saybrook Naperville IL Neighborhood Guide

Saybrook Subdivision Overview

The single family home neighborhood Saybrook underwent initial construction in the 1960s. You can find newer homes though because Siena Builders added a new section of Saybrook in 2002. This Naperville, Illinois neighborhood begins just east of Washington Street.

Saybrook offers numerous amenities, including Saybrook Bath and Racquet Club in Ogden and Washington, as well as tony shopping and delicious dining.

This Chicago suburb sits just 28 miles west of the city, close enough for nightlife, far enough away to quietly raise a family.

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Saybrook Amenities & HOA Info

Saybrook dissolved its homeowners’ association on June 26, 1974, but the neighborhood maintains its charm due to its dedicated homeowners.

The homes in Saybrook typically consist of two stories. The neighborhood consists of about one-third single individuals and two-thirds families according to most search criteria and historic sale price of most.

You’ll find this community offers many opportunities for recreation, shopping, sports courts, and fine or family dining. Plus, no matter where you go in Naperville, you’re never far from its lovely Naperville River Walk.

The neighborhood and surrounding city offer plenty to do and see for individuals and families.

So, what’s life like in Saybrook? What keeps residents from heading to Chicago every weekend?

Saybrook Subdivision Lifestyle

Although you could drive from Saybrook to Chicago in less than 40 minutes, most of Saybrook’s 990 or so residents enjoy the local dining and nightlife.

The neighborhood offers some of the Chicago area’s most unique artisans, such as The Trove and Re-Unique offers.

You can also count on the neighborhood for antiquing at shops, such as Essex Saybrook Antiques Village, Old Saybrook Antiques Center, and Long Ago Antiques.

Some of the city’s main highlights include: 

  • Saybrook Bath & Racquet Club – The Saybrook Bath & Racquet Club offers membership to any Saybrook resident. The private swim and tennis club offers a swim team, water polo, and reservation-only tennis courts. The Club holds special events throughout the year. This popular Saybrook pastime often has a waiting list to join. 
  • Sullivan’s Steakhouse – The city loves Sullivan’s Steakhouse, providing it with some of the highest restaurant ratings in the city. You don’t have to love steak, since the restaurant also offers scallops, sea bass, salmon, and ahi tuna. Between their salads and side dishes, the vegetarian you know will leave full, too.

Schools Near Saybrook Neighborhood

Saybrook offers excellent schools, with blue ribbon ratings, making it an ideal location for young families. Here’s a rundown of the schools you can find in the neighborhood’s vicinity.

Beebe Elementary School

Beebe Elementary School serves children in grades kindergarten through fifth. Located at 110 East 11th Avenue in Naperville, IL, it falls under District 203. 

Jefferson Junior High School

Jefferson Junior High School (aka middle school) serves students in grades sixth through eighth. Located at 1525 North Loomis Street in Naperville, IL, it falls under District 203.

Hinsdale South High School

Hinsdale South is a high school serving students in grades ninth through 12th. Located at 899 North Mill Street in Naperville, IL, it falls under District 203.

Parks Near Saybrook Subdvision

The location of the Saybrook subdivision offers access to many lovely area parks. Whether you want a small playground for children or a vast sports complex where you can find a pickup game of basketball, Saybrook has it nearby.

Apache Park

The neighborhood park, Apache Park, offers a children’s playground at 1567 Apache Drive, Naperville.

Arrowhead Park

At Arrowhead Park, 711 Iroquois Avenue, Naperville, you can play nearly any team sport imaginable. The vast complex offers multiple baseball diamonds and basketball courts, soccer fields, a multi-purpose field, and a playground for younger children who aren’t yet old enough for team contact sports.

Burlington Square

Saybrook surprises city dwellers with Burlington Square, 307 N. Ellsworth Street, Naperville. You can enjoy hiking trails and running trails in this city park.

College Park

Your family can enjoy both a playground for younger children and hiking and running trails at College Park, 147 N. Columbia Street, Naperville.

Columbia Estates Park

Columbia Estates Park at 968 Monticello Drive, Naperville, offers younger children a playground and hiking and running trails for all ages.

Subdivisions Near Saybrook

The town of Naperville provides a small-town feel near Chicago. Since homes in Saybrook rarely go up for sale, you might want to expand your search to nearby subdivisions.

This keeps you close to Saybrook University and the Naperville Country Club but offers you a greater number of housing choices. The nearest subdivisions in town include: 

  • Willowcreek / North Central College – This community lies adjacent to the town’s country club and offers three to five-bedroom homes, with a few larger homes.
  • Spring Hill / Peach Creek – Constructed between 1970 and 1999, most of the residences in this subdivision consist of three to five bedrooms with a few larger homes. Nearly all of its properties are owner-occupied.

Naperville IL Local Spotlight

We love to support local businesses and local attractions. Here is one close to Saybrook in the Naperville area.

Naperville offers a lot to do, so its residents never need to travel to Chi-town to entertain themselves.

Enjoy a bevy of recreational activities, including visiting the Naper Settlement, a historical tour of the city’s founding. The 12-acre outdoor museum at 523 S Webster St, Naperville, IL, includes more than 30 historical buildings to explore.

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