11 Things to Know BEFORE Moving to Naperville, IL

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Naperville, IL is one of the best kept secrets of the greater Chicago area.  In fact it regularly rated as one of the best places to live in the USA.

The Naperville, Illinois area has a low cost of living, fabulous culture, and friendly neighbors, but hardly anyone knows about this wonderful community.  

If you’re looking for a new place to call home, here are eleven reasons why you really want to consider moving to Naperville, IL.

1. Low Cost of Living

For years, the Naperville, IL area has boasted housing costs that are below the area average when you compare it to the Chicago area.  Beyond just the cost of single-family homes or property tax rate are the costs to actually live in the community.

Fortunately, Naperville also has low property tax rates and relatively low costs on other consumer goods and services.

2. Exceptional Education & Public School

DuPage County boasts some of the highest rated public schools & school districts in the Chicago area according to Great Schools

If you have young children, you may also want to consider the unique and diverse educational experiences provided by the Indian Prairie School and the Naperville Community Unit School.

Naperville Central High School offers a wide array of courses, including many AP and Dual Enrollment classes.

If you’re looking for higher education opportunities, North Central College is only a short drive away. 

3. Access To Healthcare

Being so close to Chicago, many people assume that they’ll just take advantage of the doctors found in one of the world’s largest cities.  

While living in Naperville will allow you relatively easy access to some of the world’s best doctors and specialists in Chicago, there are also a number of great clinics and hospitals like Edward Hospital in the local area.  

You’ll find highly trained professionals who are striving to provide the utmost care.

4. Activities For The Kids & Families

Naperville has plenty of great parks and playgrounds, but you’ll also want to be sure to check out some of the local attractions such as the DuPage Children’s Museum.  The Dupage Children’s Museum museum is a local favorite for children and their families.  

Naperville is also home to the Naperville Public Library, a library that has been names as one of the best libraries in the United States.  

Also be sure to check out the local nature preserves and parks; they frequently hold small festivals and an abundance of activities for kids and their parents.  

5. Naperville Riverwalk

When you’re ready to drop the kids with the babysitter or meet some friends after work, the Naperville Riverwalk is a great place to hang out and unwind from a long week. 

The area is home to many different types of restaurants, arcades, shopping, and clubs.  At night, you’ll find plenty of places to go and hang out out with other professional adults.  

During the day, the Naperville Riverwalk makes for a pleasant walk; many local professionals in the area will choose to take their lunch break there, as well as shop in the local retail shops that dot the area.

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6. Great Restaurants & Craft Beer Breweries

The great restaurants & breweries in Naperville aren’t limited to the Riverwalk.  You will find restaurants of all kinds throughout the community.  

Food services range from full-scale fine dinging establishments all the way to quick-service and fast food.

Some of our favorite breweries include Solemn Oath Brewery and Noon Whistle Brewing.

You’re bound to find something your whole family will like among all the choices.  

7. Low Crime

With an overall population of just under 15,000 people, Naperville hardly has the issues with crime that large cities have to deal with.  

In fact, Naperville has consistently been ranked as one of the lowest crime rate communities in the Chicago area.  City officials have made preserving peace and security in the Naperville community as one of their biggest priorities.

The low property crime rates mean more than just a feeling of peace and security.  It also means lower insurance rates on cars, homes, and other personal property.

8. Great Job Market

The majority of the residents of Naperville are professionals.  

You’ll meet many doctors, lawyers, accountants, and others who work in local office centers or commute into the city everyday.  Recently, a number of these professionals who work in Chicago have made the choice to move to Naperville if they are able to work from home.  

All together, the close grouping of so many professionals has made Naperville one of the wealthiest cities in Illinois with a good deal of employment opportunities..  

The community’s close proximity to the offices of so many large companies has given it a robust economy and low unemployment rate.  Some of the top places to work in Naperville include: Nokia, Edward Hospital, Nicor gas & BP.

More recently, the thriving economy has seen a boost from an influx of people interested in moving to the area, contributing to higher median home prices.

9. Access To Nature and Great Weather

Naperville is a community that centers around parks and nature.  If you’re a nature lover, the Springbrook Prairie Forest Preserve is a great place to spend a day.  

The area offers hiking and sightseeing.  

If you’re feeling a little more active, take a trip to Centennial Beach.  This beach has been enjoyed by people of all ages for over one hundred years.  

Weather in the area tends to stay relatively warm throughout the year, with average highs in the summer in the mid-80s.  

Winter temperatures are below the national average, but many local businesses and parks host a lot of different activities to do in the snow.

10. Short Commute Times

Some quick facts about Naperville according to Livability that really drive home as it being an ideal place to move to.  We all know that getting to work and being able to get around or enjoy the day depends on your transportation options.

Naperville is located near several major highways including I-355, I-88, and I-290. These highways make travel between Naperville and surrounding areas easy and fast.

Average Commute Time: 33.6

Walk Score: 34

11. Proximity To So Much More

The easy commute and ways to get around lead us in our last reason to move to Naperville.  There is so much to do packed into this city.

Naperville is a great professional town with a fun nightlife and plenty for people of all ages to do during the day. When it’s time for a change of scenery, however, it’s good to know that Chicago is only a short drive away.

Being so close to a big city allows residents to take advantage of convenient airport service, large museums and universities, and high quality service providers without having to deal with the disadvantages of a big city on a daily basis.

Final Thoughts

Naperville, IL is a great place to live for singles, young families, and even retirees.  With plenty to do and see, it’s an ideal community for almost everyone.  

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